Problem Gambling

I am a certified problem gambler provider for the State of California. The Office of Problem Gambling is offering counseling sessions at no charge to the person affected by problem gambling. In addition, counseling services can also be offered to any family member that is affected by the gambling problem. All clients must be 18 years of age or older to receive these services.

Problem gambling can affect everyday life situations, which can result in financial hardship, emotional stressors, damage to or loss of important relationships. Depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties and mood swings can all be related to problem gambling. It has been determined that each problem gambler has a profound, adverse effect on about seven other people. The following is a list of Warning Signs of a gambling problem in your family:

  • Preoccupied with gambling and unable to stop
  • Bragging about gambling, exaggerating wins and minimizing losses
  • Restless and irritable when not gambling
  • Gambling to win back what you’ve lost
  • Borrowing money for gambling
  • Lying to hide time spent gambling or unpaid debts
  • Frequent unexplained absences
  • Losing work time because of gambling
  • Doing something illegal to get money for gambling
  • Jeopardizing a significant relationship or job by gambling

If you are a struggling with problem gambling or are a family member that is affected by the negative results of gambling, please call me at 714-324-2929 or email at [email protected]. I will be happy to discuss your concerns with you, as well as provide you with information regarding the free counseling services provided by the Office of Problem Gambling in the state of California.

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